Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the other side of the trellis, Laila lays her head on Ramji's chest and lets herself relax in his arms. They were listening to the music, not really dancing, just swaying a bit to the melody.

Laila wipes at her eyes again, “I'm so sorry. I must look horrible.”

Ramjis brow furrows, lips thinning. “You are nothing but beautiful...”

His fingertips graze a cheek, wiping away wetness. Tilting her chin, he kisses her lips. Rocking slowly, they sway to the music, her head on his chest, his eyes closed.

“This feels so good, being with you. I could stay here all night...” Laila whispers. Afraid that speaking of her feelings would somehow break the spell.

“This night is ours. I am going nowhere.” Ramjis hand caresses the back of her neck causing Laila to shiver and press her body even closer to Ramjis.

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