Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adrian smiles at Laila. “Please, there is no need for that here.” He takes in the tattered clothes, the bandaged hand. He had noticed her wince and quickly cover her expression when she straightened her blouse. So she is telling the truth about that much...

“As you know, I got your message. Very interesting delivery, by the way. I will need to speak with you about what has happened. Also any witnessws that can corroborate your story. Its not that I dont believe you, I need to have all the facts in order to make a decision.”

Laila and Ramji both nod and Lailas glance returns to the floor.

“But before we talk, I will need my scribe. Would you mind going out to the car and telling Thea to come in?” Adrian grins as Lailas head snaps up.

“My sister Thea? She is here?”

“Yes. She is waiting in the car for you. Go. Take your time. I can visit with your healer about your injury.” Adrian looks to Rowan, “If you dont mind.”

“Of course not.” Rowan takes a seat across the table.

Laila looks up to Ramji and smiles, giving his hand a quick squeeze, she is out the door and on the porch in seconds.

Zade sees her come out of the cabin and lopes across the yard to greet her. Ramji moves closer to the door where he can keep an eye on Laila and on Adrian, still not convinced he can be trusted.

Laila smiles at the hound and reaches a hand to grab a bristly ear. “Zade! Hello... my sister is here... do you know where...”

The hound looks pointedly down the driveway and Laila follows her gaze. “Oh... thank you..”

Thea steps out of the car when she sees Laila racing towards her. The huge hound gives her pause, but she remembers that Zade was the one who delivered Lailas message. Then Laila is in her arms, crying and laughing.

“Thea! I cant believe you are really here!” The girls hold each other for a few moments, overcome with joy at finally seeing each other after so long.

Finally, they walk arm in arm down the driveway to the cabin. Thea pauses when she sees Ramji watching from the doorway. “Who is that, sister?”

Pausing Laila tells her, “It is Ramji... he has been wonderful to me since all this happened. I...”

Thea smiles and hugs her sister. “You feel deeply for him, I can tell.”

Nodding as a soft blush creeps up her cheeks, “I do.”

“Well, introduce me... then Lord Adrian will want to speak with you. And I want to see your hand and speak with the healer...”

Ramji watches as the women near the porch, Zade following Laila. He smiles at the sight. Dmitri was right. Thea is a bit taller and more blonde but they do look much alike. The same mass of curls, hazel eyes and smile. Adrian would not have brought Thea if he meant any harm to Laila or didnt believe her...

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