Sunday, March 27, 2011

Raina looks up at Nick, her eyes huge, her emotions tumbling. “I'm all right... I think...”

Ky looks from Nick to Gareth and back to Raina. Not sure of what she said to get that reaction from Raina she asks, “What did I say? I didnt mean to upset you or whatever it is I have done. You are the last person, I would want to do that to...”

Shaking her head and taking Ky's hands, “Its fine, dont worry. But what did you mean 'that Viking Tannr'?”

Puzzled, Ky stumbles a bit over her words. “In the Unformed Plane, theres a warrior, a Viking. He fights like one of us. I told Inari the last time we talked that he reminded me a bit of Erik, only more... I dont know, barbaric maybe is the word. He never talked much... Why? Do you know him?”

Raina had not let go of Ky's hands, she looks at each of her lovers and her gaze lingers with Nick. Her thoughts are flying through her head, almost too fast to get any kind of a grip on rational thought.

It cant be him... can it? If I am here and Erik is here, could Tannr somehow be here too? Why is he in the Unformed Plane of all places? It cant be... it has to be someone else. But how many Viking warriors named Tannr are there? And she said he looks like Erik...

“Bloody fucking hell!” Raina slams a fist down then smiles at the startled faces around her. “Sorry. I need to talk to Erik...”

Nick takes a hand and pulls her close. “Tell me whats going on. I'm not letting go until you do...”

“I have... had... have... a brother named Tannr. He is younger than I am. I cant imagine him as a warrior. He was always kind of a klutz, a lovable one, but still...”

Raina stands, “I need to call Erik...”

Nick stands too and holds a hand up when Raina opens her mouth to protest. “I am coming outside with you. No arguing.”

Ky watches as the pair walks out the front door. She turns to Gareth, “I wouldnt upset her for the world. I feel horrible...”

Gareth pulls her close, “Dont feel bad. You just caught her off guard, and that doesnt happen very often. She's just surprised. Let her talk to Erik, he always helps her sort things out.”

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