Monday, March 28, 2011

The display is a bid for dominance and Ob smiles very slowly. He blinks once, staring down the little creature. She puffs up her chest, spines lifting in a gold display. His eyes go very pale, becoming ice blue. The pupils slit and he curls his lip, exposing lengthened fangs. He hisses, the low sound turning into a rumble.

Little One rises higher, looking down at the Gargoyle. She hovers, spreading her wings to seem larger, more intimidating. Scales flow over his cheeks as his jawline sharpens. The colors in his hair twist, tightening into spines. His rumble grows deeper drowned out by a sharp crack as his wings suddenly snap open. Little One rears back, dipping in the air. She watches talons extend and sniffs at the man's scent. The aroma of Alpha Male overrides her senses and she lowers her head. She rolls in the air, exposing belly. Ob opens his hand and she glides in to perch on his arms, wings lowered in submission.

Ob raises a finger and she shies, waiting for a blow. Instead, he strokes her head and raises her to eye level. His voice is almost lost in the gravelly tone.

"My Nest. Remember that." She bows her head. He continues to stroke her spines until they rest against her neck and she no longer trembles. "I take care of what is mine. You are welcome to join us as companion and kith. This is a house of Alphas. We work together, We take care of ours. Understood?"

The dragon nods and he looks at the Handlers. They nod and set a bag on the patio table. "We brought her things, just in case."

Ob lets the Dragon slide back inside. His eyes return to their normal pale blue, hair untangling into the wild mass that usually hangs around his shoulders.

"Welcome to the family Little Miss. When you are ready, let us know what to call you."

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