Sunday, March 27, 2011

Alise was thinking she should go over and visit with Jack. She had questions about the spirits she had seen with Laila and was hoping Jack could help her sort it out.

I wonder if Jack has noticed himself? It just seems so odd, the way she speaks of her family....and the woman looks just like her, only taller....

Her thoughts are interrupted by the happy sounds of her twins, squealing and laughing with delight as Gunnaar races down the stairs with them.

“What are you petits singes* doing awake? It is past your bedtime...”

Tomas sends thoughts of Uncle Ob, then Gunnaar and Keon coming to visit. Dmitri comes down with Keon and hands Gracie to her mother.

“You are blessed, she is beautiful and so sweet-natured..'

Alise takes her baby girl and holds her close. “Thank you. She is a good-natured little thing. And has her papa totally wrapped around her little finger...”

Keon asks, “Speaking of there word of Laila? How does she fare?”

Alise nods, “Yes, Stoney will be on his way back soon. Rowan said the hand needed more stitches than she thought, but all the glass is out, she was given an antibiotic and something for the pain and is resting now. Stoney says she was very brave, she didnt take anything for the pain until Rowan was finished. Ramji is with her and Stoney thinks he will stay with her through the night.”

Glancing over at Jack and then back to Dmitri, Alise asks, “Dmitri, would you mind holding her for just a bit longer? I need to speak with Jack about something...”

Dmitri holds his arms out, “Gladly...”

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