Saturday, March 26, 2011

Monty is just topping off Ramji's coffee when Keon settles on the next bar stool. The Dark Sidhe shakes his head. Ramji turns to face him.


Keon shakes his head again. "You do realise this is the middle of a heat wave?"

Ramji looks down at his black jeans, black t-shirt, black leather gloves, and the black cloak thrown over the next stool. "And?"

"Much as ye look good with yer shirt stuck to ye, don't ye think ye can forgo a bit of the black? Ye do have a few days off before Herne gives ye another assignment."

"Everything I have is - " He cuts off as Guunnar's looming presence throws a shadow over them.

Dmitri picks up Ramji's mug and takes a sip. He puts it back down with a scowl.

"Turkish Coffee? Monty. Some juice please, anything to wash away that... taste."

When he turns back to Ramji, Dmitri just stares at him. The younger Rider begins to get up, trying to work himself out from between his three troopmates. Guunnar blocks his movements with a grin.

"I tink ve haff idea."

The Viking lays a big hand on Ramji's shoulder and steers him toward the stairs. Ramji knows if he puts up a fight, it will go badly for him. With resignation in every step, they pass Erik and his wife as Alise joins them for breakfast.

Keon tells them, with a very uncharacteristic chuckle. "Ramji will have to meet you at the market." He winks at the ladies and, with a small bow, follows his friends upstairs.

Ramji stands before the dresser in Guunnar's room shaking his head. His brow raises as he contemplates his reflection. A pair of Dmitri's artistically aged jeans are nearly painted on his body. They are not uncomfortable, but they hide nothing, LEAVE nothing to the imagination. The pale blue tank shirt is topped with a short sleeved cotton shirt in patterned blues. Well, he thinks, at least they left him have a color HE chose.

Dmitri and Guunnar had argued over his hair, (HIS HAIR!) until Keon asked him how he wore it in his youth.  Ramji had pulled it back into a small ponytail. The strands around his face that couldn't be captured by the band, now fall in wavy strands. The blue of his tattooes are surprisingly doesn't stand out. Dmitri purses his lips, nodding.

Keon hands him a pair of black-lensed sunglasses.

"These will hide where ye are looking. They will allow ye to still be on guard without everyone knowing." Ramji nods, slipping them in place.

"Dey vill also hide if du are looking over Laila's lovely body." Guunnar's slap on the back nearly knocks the Rider off his feet.

Keon cocks his head, watching Dmitri. The Island Rider stands back, arms crossed as he looks over his best mate. "What say you, Dmi?"

"That he fills out my jeans better than I..." His gaze roams Ramji's length, examining the new look. "*Dekára... I didn't know you were so..." He takes a deep breath. "if you ever decide women are not for you, we should talk."

Ramji laughs and heads out the door before they decide something should be changed. If he hurries, he just may catch up with Erik and the ladies. He hears Guunnar's booming voice.

"Ach, da boots! He ist vearing his alt boots!"

Dmitri's response is muffled, but the door slams shut. Keon can be heard clearly in the hall.

"Let it be lads. He let ye do enow to him. His lady awaits!"

Turning to look back, he can see Keon leaning back, holding the knob as someone tries to open the door. He forgot how strong the Sidhe is, and what a touch of fae magic can do.

Keon sees him and shouts, "Run Lad! I dinna ken how long I can hold them in! Tis Guunnar at the door!"

Ramji takes the stairs running and nearly knocks Jeb off his feet as the werewolf opens the front door to come inside.

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