Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tannr stands, shakes the dirt off, and collects his winnings. The loser shakes his hand and they thump each other on the back. Tannrs first thought is to go bathe, but he feels someone looking at him. Turning, he sees Ky standing near the stables, a cane in her hand. He notes the brace on her lower leg and wonders how she's doing.

I could just go ask her, except that she looks like she might take my head off, brace or not... I wonder if she can ride yet? Get this nonsense over with... But what if she's right? What if they are alive? Talk about eating a massive dish of crow...

He watches as Drai approaches Ky and they talk for a few minutes. He turns in surprise to see Marc, a good friend and his current commander, just in from the fighting and they clasp hands. They greet each other and exchange news about the battles.

Marc nods his head towards the stable, “A looker, that wyldfae. Bet she can ride like nobodies business... in more ways than one...”

“I wouldnt know...” and Tannr explains to his friend about helping her to the medical tent and the things Ky told him.

Marc gives a low whistle, “Damn. Thats quite a story. You sound like you dont believe her..”

Tannr shrugs, “I dont know what to believe, to tell you the truth. I just thought I was long lived because I was here...” He holds his hands out, “I suppose it could be otherwise, I just dont know. She did tell me some things... things that I dont know how else she would have known.”

Nodding, Marc claps Tannr on the back. “Well, lets go to the canteen, grab a some of that stale piss that passes for beer in this shithole. We can talk about it there. Thats if whatever females are hanging around leave you alone long enough...”

Tannr rolls his eyes. “I cant tell whats female and whats not around here. Everyone looks the same... dirty, pissed off, and smells worse... Gods, I am weary of it.”

“Then go with her. Check it out. Do you even remember the last time you took a break?”

As Tannr starts to nod his head, Marc continues, “And by break I mean more than 20 minutes with one of the camp whores...”

Ky frowns as she watches the two men head to the canteen. She hobbles back to Horse, Drai right behind her. “What are you doing? You cant ride yet. Ky! Damn it!”

“Just help me up. I am just going to walk him around, no saddle or anything. It wont hurt my leg.” I hope it wont hurt...

“And how often do you use a saddle? If you do more than walk I am beating the crap outta you..” Drai gives her a boost up.

Ky holds her breath and grits her teeth against the pain. A couple more days, no more. I want to see Gareth... and get Tannr to Raina, so he can stop looking at me like I am some kind of criminal, making up stories for whatever crazy reason is in his head.

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