Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pandora looks Adrian straight in the eyes..."Your brother exerts his powers wherever he goes; I was always aware of him trying to hypnotize me in some way with his eyes... I could never look into them as I do yours.

I realize your line is an old and proud one, but your brother always held himself as above all who came here ; he used this as a place to find willing companions to seduce into submission. We allowed him to continue coming because this is a safe haven for all supernaturals, and as long as our rules are obeyed regarding the safety of patrons in the tavern... what they do outside it is not our responsibility. He broke that trust and we will never allow him in these doors again... what you decide is his just due is up to you; but he is evil in his intent... even if he is your brother.

Laila has spent time with our extended family here when Rath wished her away from his table and companions...and she is truly a gentle and kind woman. I know she willingly did whatever was part of her duties under her contract, although her dress and demeanor told a story of abuse by your brother.

She has become dear to some among us" ...her eyes stray to Ramjii and back again to Adrian... "Our brother and his wife have several small children and Laila is wonderful with them and an offer of a home with them as nanny has been offered. She would fare well with them; and Alise and Stoney would treat her as family. Our friend Star also has a special affinity for Laila; as if they knew each other before... she is a good woman who has been treated poorly."

Pandora looked to Ob,and he nodded his approval of her speech; she blushed a little as she looked again into Adrian's eyes... "Forgive me if I am too forward, I am used to saying what is on my mind."

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