Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stoney and Ob slide cases of beer behind the bar. Ike begins to stow bottles in the cooler, her eyes on Alise and Raina. Stoney picks up her curiosity as Alise' mind touches his. The caress is subtle, yet urgent.

Chiot... Rath's brother is here. He wants to talk to those who saw what happened

A wash of anger flashes through the Kin. Ob starts to stride toward the vampire. Pandora intercepts him, handing their fussing daughter into his arms. Their conversation is unheard, leaking out to their family. Ob soothes his worried daughter, burying his anger for the moment.

... he only wants to hear what the witnesses have to say. He is not Rath, Ob. Chloe isn't scared near him, not like when Rath is here.

Obsidian hands Chloe back to Pandora, kissing his wife, holding both of them close. "I won't kill him, Bruha. But I also won't let his brother pull his crap here again."

Pandora follows him to Adrian's table. He holds out a chair for her, watching the vampire lord. "I hear you want to talk to all of us. I am Obsidian Heart. This is my wife Pandora, and our daughter. I won't judge you by your brother, but I am going to start with a warning. There are house rules here. My wife runs a haven to many races. No biting the guests. Not even if they consent. There is fresh beef blood available upon request. No mesmerizing anyone. Take someone's will away from them and I will personally boot your ass out the door.There are others, but these are the most pertinent to Vampires in general."

He smiles, the pale blue of his eyes surrounding slit pupils. "That said, Your brother was on thin ice before the incident with the glass. We had reports of him mesmerizing at least two women on the premises. But it was a questionable report, so he was reminded about the rules. He tried to do it to Pandora, but I interfered. That one was actually witnessed, by Me. I will not let that happen again." Pandora's hand rests on her husband's arm. Ob takes a breath, letting her calm wash over his anger, keeping the dragon and demon sides leashed. "That said, your brother lost his temper with his servant, squeezed her hand hard enough to break a glass with HER hand. He could have started a blood frenzy in here. The place was packed with Shifters and Others."

Adrian listens with a bemused smile. "You do not know me, sir, and if your opinion of vampires in general has been based upon my brother, then I forgive your presumption. I am not in the habit of taking blood from the unwilling, nor of mesmerizing them to take away their will - only to lessen the inevitable pain that comes from satisfying my thirst. I will abide by your - rules - because they coincide with my own code of conduct in any case." His smile becomes wintry. "But beware of attempting to prove your - equipment - is more impressive than mine. We should both be losers in such a case."

Ob smiles. His accent thickens, r's rolling, ee's extending. "You're right. I don't know you from the Pack's Alpha. You may be a stand up guy, but that warning goes to all unknown vampires. The locals know the rules. That girl lost enough blood to leave a puddle on the floor at her feet before my brother carried her out of here. Your brother didn't even seem to care that she was losing enough to die."

Adrian smiles, recognizing another Alpha Male when he sees one. "As a member of my Clan, my brother is subject to Clan discipline. I am here to speak with those who witnessed the incident and to determine just what discipline should be imposed. There will be punishment, of that you may be sure. It remains only to determine his degree of culpability and how severe the resultant discipline will be."

Stoney lays an arm across his brother's shoulders. "Forgive my brother. He defends Our home and people to the last breath, and with a passion that has given him the nickname Barbare."

Alise smiles up at her husband, noting the small smile on his face. For once it is Stoney who banters, instead of Ob, breaking the tense mood. Monty brings a round of drinks to the table, sliding a glass of warm blood before the Vampire Lord.

Pandora smiles sweetly. "On the House, and as apologies for my husband's demonic temper." She nods to Monty who asks Thea what she would like to drink. As he heads back to the bar, she adds. "Monty was here as well. As were Jeb, and the Riders, Dmitri, Guunnar, and Ramji. I'll make sure Monty makes the time to talk to you. Same with Jeb."

Adrian smiles, taken with Pandora's diplomacy. "I have already spoken with the Riders named Ramji and Dmitri."

Stoney glances around the room. The band playing is not the one that was setting up that night. His son touches his mind and Stoney chokes. Alise and Pandora try to hide smiles and Ob roars. Adrian raises a brow at the unexpected laughs. "My son wants to know if you are like our friend Nick. He wants to know if you are a Batman too."

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