Saturday, March 26, 2011

Miko and Tonio zip to attention as two of their brothers dart over the balcony railing. Their conversation is rapid and high pitched. Moments later, Miko is standing on a leaf, bowing to Pandora.

"Lady Pandora, *Hermosa Bruha, Wife of Josephito, two Sidhe of the Courts wish to meet with you and your husband. They claim the The Stone Dragon who slew the cursed Morgan Abjurred's Witch asked they bring something here to the Twisted Tit Tavern."

He glances over his shoulder at his brothers and steps closer to Pandora. "Por favor Senora... do not meet them until the sleeping dragon is awake. My brothers sense no ill will. That is not a fear. But if he has asked for something to be brought here... I think he means a gifting."

Pandora agrees, smiling at the winged man's dedication to their protection. Miko sets one of the two brothers to guard duty with Tonio and follows his other brother to meet with the Sidhe on behalf of his family's employers.

* Beautiful Witch

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