Saturday, March 26, 2011

Star started feeling anxious as she was cleaning up after supper. In only a matter of minutes she felt a suffocating panic. Laila...

She goes to the fridge, checks to see how many bottles are made up for Mera. Grabbing a light blanket she wraps Mera and heads outside. Erik and Keon are standing near the new addition, talking about what needs to be done next. She approaches quickly and hands Mera to Keon.

“There are bottles in the fridge. Make yourself at home. I may be late.”

Erik and Keon exchange startled looks and Keon nods as he takes Mera in his arms.

“Princess, whats going on? I thought you wanted to stay home tonight...”

“I do... or I did... but Laila....something is wrong. We have to go... please, Erik...”

Erik nods and asks, “Just where is it we are going?”

“To Rowan's...”

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