Monday, March 28, 2011

"Open your eyes, *mis seres bastante."

Ob watches as his wife and child smile at the little dragon. It sits perched on its handler's arm, head cocking back and forth in a birdlike motion. The small creature puffs itself up, golden spines rising in a pretty ridge display. With precise beats, the mottled green wings lift it into the air, where it hovers as it inspects the two females.

It looks at Ob, then back at the females. Ob laughs as Chloe holds out her hand, giggling. The dragon darts in, licks, and darts back out of reach. One image slides warmly through their collective thoughts. the three of them under one of its wings.


Chloe's thought seems to echo the dragon's sending. The Sidhe laugh aloud. Ob stares at them. "You caught that?"

The taller Sidhe laughs again. "Only through our hatchling. We can only read the images of the ones we hatch ourselves. Part of our personal magic. We never could read more than the feelings sent by Tork, but it was enough to know what he needed to keep him happy. Our little one here..." He laughs, gesturing at Pandora and Chloe. "Oh look... the girls like each other."

Ob turns to find the little green dragon perched carefully on Pandora's far shoulder, peeking at Chloe. Each time Chloe looks the dragon pulls back, to look around the back of Pandora's head. When Chloe looks behind, the dragon snakes its head back to the front. Both little ones are flapping their wings in delight.

Ob watches as his daughter gives mommy a sloppy kiss, then peeks at the dragon again. "Does she have a name?"

"Nothing she has given to anyone yet. She will gift her chosen companion when she chooses to do so. Right now we just call her Little One."

Little One was fascinated by the women before her... Pandora she had sensed was more than human; she had a bond with the earth and creatures... she had felt her shoulder a safe place to observe the little child. She liked the woman, no trace of fear in her demeanor.. .only happiness and a sense of fascination... she purred a little as she played her game with the child.

The child,Chloe... was a mystery to Little One... she was not exactly human... she, like her father had the scent of dragon on them... but it was different than the dragons of the Fae realm. When Chloe began to flap her little wings, Little one was startled at first... but soon grew to understand that this small creature shared her love of the air and would one day fly as she did. She again licked Chloe's outstretched hand... this time grazing the hand with the side of her head as she drew away.

She looked to the handlers... she knew they meant to find her a home of her own... was this it??... images of the large man and the two females flew from her mind to the sidhe pair... was this home???

Ob turns his head, watching the dragon as it swivels its neck to blink at its handlers. The question seems to hang in the balance. Ob catches an image of Chloe sleeping with the dragon curled up next to her. He shakes his head.

"What about it *Gitanilla, do you want her as a companion? She isn't a pet. She is as much a person as we are." Chloe sends him an image of the dragon standing on two feet and wearing a sari reminiscent of Tante Silk. "No ^poco de amor. She will not grow to the size of Tante or myself. She is a person like... Tork."

Chloe frowns, disappointed, then brightens, sending images of the fern dragon playing tag with the demifae.

"Si... like Tork."

Chloe grins. She sends her parents the image of her sleeping with the dragon curled on her pillow.

Ob laughs. "If she wants us, she is welcome to stay."

*Little Gypsy

^little love

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