Saturday, March 26, 2011

The jewelry stand is busy. The woman glances over her shoulder at her husband, then back at Ramji. He touches her gently, then moves past her to wait on the Rider.The Demon smiles brightly, spreading his hands wide in a flourish. There is a slight accent to his words, something not of the Islands, but exotic nonetheless.

"How may we help you, Master Hunter."

Ramji smiles. "In two ways. One, I wish to gift a lady with something to make her smile. The second needs a moment of private conversation."

The Demon glances around and motions Ramji around the side of the stand, Behind an awning the two talk quietly. When they return, the man has a concerned look on his face, but no fear. He shows Ramji a selection of small wooden boxes, inlaid with mother of pearl and coral. The interior base is lined in midnight blue velvet while the lid has a central mirror surrounded by coral, white, and blue tile. Ramji nods, picking up the filigree silver and blue beaded necklace. He selects a pair of blue evil eye and silver earrings to complete the gift.

The Demon slides the jewelry into a satin pouch, then lays it within the box, tying a blue ribbon around it all. Ramji pays, adding something on the side. His voice is low as he tells the Demon, "Messages can be left at the Tavern, with the shoemaker, or the florist. Also at Flight of Fantasy."

The Demon shakes his hand. "We will keep our eyes open, Master Ramji."

"It's just Ramji, now. I thank you for your aid, in this," he holds up the box, "and in the other matter." He grins. "Now, if you could tell me where to find someone selling baklava?

Their little girl slips out from behind the stand and takes Ramji's hand. "I'll show you!"

She skips as she leads him along the rows, chattering to him. They end up not far from where Laila and the others are settled to eat. She points out the group, asking if those are his friends. When he nods, she giggles and motions for him to lean down. He does and she kisses his cheek. Her words are whispered so none can hear.

"Thank you. I love my papa. We will watch the - " her eyes dart and she lowers her voice even more, "those who are of the unseen."

She touches her own earrings, pulling at the neck of her blouse to show him her necklace. "Pappa.. he protects me." She grins and is soon gone.

Ramji smiles, selecting fruit and cheese pastries and baklava. The woman behind the cart bats her eyes at him and he smiles, telling her his heart is already taken. The woman laughs and tells him she is a lucky woman.

Dropping down beside Laila, Ramji places the box of pastries before the women. While pulling out a piece of baklava, Ramji slips the box into Laila's lap. He says nothing, leaning back to lick honey off his fingers while he watches her face.

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