Saturday, March 26, 2011

As the group settles on the grass in the park with their lunches Alise's thoughts turn to the guitar she saw for sale. It was a beautiful instrument, light wood with inlay flowers and leaves. She said no at first, thinking the asking price was much too high. As she gets Gracie settled on a blanket next to Mera, Stoneys thoughts enter her mind.

Chaton.... go buy the guitar. We have the money and its really not so much.

Are you sure? It seems like a lot.... I could just get the children the tambourines I saw there, small ones with bright streamers... they would love that....

Non... bebe.... please.... Get the guitar. And the tambourines. The children will love hearing you play... and I will too.

Alise nods her head, I want to eat first......

Stoney sighs, You never get anything for yourself.... Have them deliver it to the gallery. We can pick it up before we go home.

All right, I will. Delivered to the gallery. But one tambourine I will take with me, for Chloe...

Suddenly Star glances up and asks, “Did he tell you to get the guitar?”

Startled out of her mental conversation with her husband, Alise smiles at Star, “How did you know?”

“I can tell.” Star offered no other comment and squealed and laughed as Lobo came bounding from the trees and licked her face.

Ramji excused himself and said he would be right back, kissing Laila on the forehead. She watched as he walked away and turns to see Star and Alise both staring at her. Blushing she says “What? Why are you looking at me?”

All at once the three girls start to laugh. When Laila can catch her breath she asks, “Are we so obvious then?”

Alise's mind wanders back over the morning, seeing the looks that passed between the two, the little touches they thought no one noticed. Ramji actually smiling or trying to hide a smile. I dont think I have ever even seen him smile... always so serious and intense....

“No, its fine. We are just happy for you. And for once, no one is teasing me. Raina always teases me.”

Alise watches as Star teases Laila, the two girls laughing. Her thoughts turn to the spirits she has seen near Laila.

Laila speaks of her family as if they are still among the living. But then I wonder who the spirits are.... When Stoney explained to me about her 'service' he said she is obligated to Rath or her family would have to pay. But if they are dead... and would Rath even tell her if he knew that something happened to her family? I should speak to Jack, maybe I am not seeing what I think I am....

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