Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ramji watches Jack, as still as if he were on a Hunt. When Laila looks in his eyes she sees darkness, a fierceness that terrified her the first time they had met.

His words are soft, but intense. "Jack is right. What Rath has done is wrong. He has broken contract with your family. That your family is no longer here to address the issue left it a moot point to him." He steeples his fingers, tapping them against his lips for a moment. His tone becomes thoughtful, his eyes softening to someone she recognizes.

"You have family. Your sister. And did you not say she is bound to Rath's brother? Does he honor the Contract? Would he be open to a messenger?"

Laila nods. "Lord Adrian is a man of honor. He would not punish a messenger for the news they bring." She frowns. "Who would willingly take a message to the Undead?"

Ramji's lips twitch. A slow grin spreads, reaching his eyes and setting off a devious glimmer. "Dimitri. He is in Greece right now. Anything that needs to be told, can be sent by HellHound. And, if he runs true to form, he will arrive on Lord Adrian's doorstep just before sunset with a cadre of HellHounds at his heels. My brother knows how to make an entrance."

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