Thursday, March 31, 2011

Once settled in the hotel, Adrian grabs some much-needed rest while Thea tends to other business. "It would be best," he'd told her on the plane, "if no one knows we are coming until we're actually there. I want to see things as they really are, and if I know my brother - and I do - he will do his utmost to minimize and wrongs he may have done.

Truthfully, Thea," he'd continued, "I have no doubt that your sister is telling the truth. I know Rath too well to suppose that he has changed his ways without compelling reason - and so long as he continues to receive his stipend, that will never happen. It is only that I cannot condemn any without evidence of wrongdoing."

"Which is why your people call you Adrian the Just, my Lord."

"Do they? I'd no idea." He looks thoughtful. "Then more than ever I must strive for fairness, even to one who deserves it least."

Two hours later, Thea has it all. The location of the Tavern, Rath's dwelling, and Rowan's house. Actually, the last only required local verification, since Dmitri had already told them how to reach the priestess. When Adrian wakes, Thea will be ready.

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