Monday, March 28, 2011

Pandora and Chloe look at each other and back to the dragon... "Our daughter wants this new friend; she will be part of our lives for as long as she wants us"... Pandora reaches out slowly and strokes the little dragon's neck; her touch is gentle and the dragon responds by licking Pandy's fingers.

Little One raises into the air again and hovers before Chloe's face... they watch each other intently; and Pandora realizes they are talking... the child and the little dragon can communicate. Little One breaks free of Chloe's gaze and shoots up into the air, doing a somersault and landing again on Pandy's shoulder looking at the laughing child.

Chloe reaches forward and the dragon extends its neck so that she might stroke its soft feathery scales. It purrs... that's as close as Pandora can describe the sound, and she realizes the dragon is offering the ultimate trust in exposing her neck to them. Pandora lifts her hand again, waiting for a cue from the small creature... and it rubs again against her hand.

Pandora looks across to Obsidian and the handlers.."She is wonderful! I have admired Weebit's dragon; but never dreamed we might have one... this is a perfect companion for Chloe, small and yet protective... and ever so beautiful." Little One seemed to preen herself as she heard Pandora speak, and issues a sound that was sort of a musical trill... obviously she is happy.

The small dragon rises and flies about the room, hovering before the handlers... telling them something... and then goes to Ob... floating in the air before him she spreads her wings out and flaps them in a gesture that can only be interpeted as warning....

Pandora watches with alarm,is she challenging Ob?? She needs to understand that he is the master here... the handlers look on... letting the little dragon and Ob work out their welcome to each other.

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