Saturday, March 26, 2011

Star is out of the jeep as soon as Erik pulls to a stop. She runs into Rowans cabin and sees Laila, sitting on a kitchen chair, leaning into Ramji, a bloody towel held under her hand. Rowan is gathering supplies. Ramjis eyes are dark, full of pain, anger, his emotions shifting from one to the other. His head is close to Lailas, whispering words of comfort.

Laila looks up when she hears Stars approach. “Star... Stoney said you would just know to come...”

Star hurries to her and wraps her arms around her. “I am so sorry... this must be very painful...”

Laila lowers her head and starts to sob. Star exchanges a worried glance with Rowan, then glances at Ramji. He is whispering in Greek, kissing Lailas head.

Laila shakes her head, “It's Serena. Rath hates her and will kill her just out of spite. She was my only friend until I met all of you....”

Ramji raises questioning eyes to Star who tells him, “Serena is her cat.” Star stands and says, “I will go get the kitty.” Ramji starts to say something and Star shakes her head, “She needs you to stay here with her..”

“But you dont know where I live and I am sworn not to tell....” Laila tries to wipe her tears away with her good hand.

“I already know where you live...” Star smiles at the looks on Lailas and Ramjis faces. “Trooper told me. I will get Serena and some of your things. You said yourself Rath is busy with those girls, he wont notice me, even if he is there, which he probably isnt.”

“Trooper told you...?” Ramji had heard she communicated with animals, it was part of the prophecy, he just never thought the hell hounds would 'speak' to anyone.

“Dont ask... trust me... all she'll do is roll her eyes.” Erik smiles at Star, then adds, “I'm going with you...”

Erik turns to see K'thyri coming in the front door.

“Raina sent me to see how everything was going. Her and Nick are keeping an eye on the tavern. Where are you going?”

Star quickly explains and Ky laughs at Erik. “You cant go.”

“What do you mean I cant go? Star is my wife and carrying our child. I will go with her..”

Ky shakes her head, “Raina said you arent sneaky at all, when you were kids she always heard you a mile away....”

“That was a long time ago...” Erik makes a mental note to strangle his sister next time he sees her.

“Star is half fae. She moves swiftly and silently and you will just slow us down. Look, I know you worry about her, but I have sworn on my life to protect her. Nothing will happen to her. Rath went with his groupies to another bar. If we hurry he wont ever know we were there. I would just go myself but I dont have the ability Star has with animals.” Ky glances at Star, “Are you ready?”

Star nods and goes to Erik wrapping her arms around him. “I'll be fine with her. Call Tiger to come too.”

Moments later Erik watches as Star and Ky trailed by Tiger disappear into the woods. He smiles as a dark shape separates itself from the shadows of the trees and follows the group.

Stoney steps behind Erik, “Ramji's hound follows too. She is safe in that group.”

Erik nods as he and Stoney settle into chairs on the porch to wait for their return.

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