Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pandora was sitting in the center of her bed playing with Chloe and Little One when Obsidian awoke and strode into the room... the little dragon paused in mid-flight and dived down to perch on his arm, her wings dipped in a submissive gesture; Ob stroked her neck and said "go little one,you're doing a good job of guarding my girls."

The dragon flew up and circled the trio... trilling her little happy song. Ob was soon showered and dressed and he told Pandora about the sad drama taking place at Rowan's... how Laila was being told that her parents were dead and she was alone; although Stoney said they wanted to take her in, make her nanny for the little ones.

They went down to see what Monty had cooked up for dinner... Obsidian holding Chloe in one arm... the dragon perched on his other shoulder. Pandora  said... "I wonder what will happen when our little dragon meets Tork; he is a male, I wonder if there is a ritual to them ?" The couple took their places at the family table... playing with Chloe, who stood on her daddy's knees... reaching in the air for the swooping dragon. The  little Fae were all with Keon... helping with the building... and had not met their new addition... the little dragon was in for many surprises as she learned her new environment.

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