Monday, March 28, 2011

"Hey, gorgeous." My voice sounds a little raspy. "Gonna leave without saying goodbye?"

Ky hurls herself across the space between and into my arms. Her voice is muffled against my neck. "I couldn't find you. I thought..."

"That I was giving you the cold shoulder? That it didn't matter that you were leaving?" I hug her fiercely. "Never think that, Ky. You're a part of this 'family'  now. I'm going to miss you like hell, but I know this is something you have to do."

I push her back a step and look full into her eyes. "You take care of yourself out there, darlin', and come back to us."

"Nick!," she protests. "The Unformed Plane is my home. I've been fighting since I was old enough to hold a weapon!"

"I know all that. I know you can hold your own out there. Thing is, Ky... if something happens to you now, there's three more people that'll be hurting - Gareth, Raina and me." I brush her hair back from where it's almost fallen over one eye. "Better tie that back."

I debate whether to say more. Fuck it. "Raina and I have both lost sisters; Gareth lost a lover. We don't want to lose you." I grin a little crookedly. "Not that I ever had the kinds of thoughts about my sister that I have about you." That brings a smile to her face.

I pull her close again; my lips meet hers, and hers are very, very soft. She holds the kiss like holding a breath, still maintaining that gentle pressure; then her lips part and she breathes me in. I let my tongue come out, trace the contours of her ripe, wet lips; she shudders and clutches me tighter, her body molding itself to mine. I taste her lips, then let my tongue explore further. She meets me halfway, our tongues tentative... meeting... tasting... parting, then swaying back in for another taste. We prolong the kiss, unwilling to let it end, reaching out for the next flare of heat... and the next... and the next. I take a chance and brush a thumb against a nipple, hearing her gasp, feeling it erect sweetly under my touch. She moans into my mouth, her tongue playing with mine, slow and thorough, hips moving in a sensuous dance of passion and desire. If my heart could beat... against her thigh, I'm hard as diamond and I can scent her readiness... It wouldn't be seduction; we're both ready and willing and the place is right.... We realize it at the same time and step back, breaking the kiss with an audible sigh.

 ...but not the time.

Her lips are parted still, her breathing a soft sigh. My voice is thick. "Take care of yourself." She walks away, climbs on Horse's back and heads for the telltale shimmer of a Gate - and then they're gone as if they were never there at all.

"Gods be with you, Ky." The words are a whisper

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