Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ob and Pandora sat in their room watching Chloe play with Little One; the dragon swooping just beyond Chloe's reach then soaring up, trilling her little happy sound when Chloe laughed.

Pandora glanced over and saw Ob staring into the distance... that faraway look he often got when he was receiving word from one of the other gargoyles,or picking up something too acute for human ears.

"Something weird is going on tonight"Ob said as he looked her direction... "I'm feeling something different, can't quite place it... but its powerful."

Pandora wrinkled her brow as she commented, "Perhaps it has something to do with Laila: Gunnar said Dmitri was in Greece and was taking a message to Rath's brother."

"Then I imagine we'll hear something about the outcome soon."... Ob said as he rose from the bed; giving Pandora a passionate kiss as he rose.

Ob picked up Chloe while Little One perched on his shoulder... "Speaking of Guunnar; if we don't get down soon for dinner; Monty will have nothing left in the kitchen." They laughed together as they descended the stairs....

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