Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As much as he tries to control his own urges, Stoney groans as Alise clamps hard. She grinds against him, accepting every inch, amazing him with every stroke. He groans again as he feels his tip bang into the end of her channel. Alise writhes on the bed, panting.

"Oooh mon amour! Please Remi.... hard, fast..."

Her nails scrape down his sides as he leans over her. Stoney arches at their biting sting, slamming deep again. Alise moans and grinds hard. it is too much. Gritting his teeth, Stoney slams deep and fights the impending eruption with everything at his command, but it is too late.

His cock pulses, throbbing as it begins to jet, each burst making Alise moan and writhe. Suddenly she stiffens, muscles clamping tight. Her hands catch in the long length of his hair, yanking hard as she explodes around him. He growls softly, shuddering as she milks him dry. Too soon, he is supporting himself on his hands, angled over her as her breasts heave from release. Her eyes are closed and he leans forward to kiss her forehead.

His words are soft, barely spoken. "*Je suis désolé, mon amour. Je ne pouvais m'arrêter."

She laughs, opening lavender eyes gone darker with passion. A delicate hand strokes the damp strands of his hair that dangle over her. "Remi..." She is breathless and licks her lips, trying again. "Remi, we have all night, oui?" She grins up at him. "Do you... Do you think you can do that again?"

He groans as she clamps her muscles around him. His manhood stirs, thickening quickly within her "Mon amour... Chaton... I don't think that," He rocks, thrusting deep to make her writhe. "will be a problem."

Her arms slide around his neck and he complies, leaning closer as he thrusts. His mouth finds hers, teasing until she parts her lips. He whispers against her lips. "Tell me if it hurts..."

She laughs and urges him on, bucking into each thrust. "You haven't yet. ^Mon Dieu! Juste comme ça ...."

*I am sorry, my love. I couldn't stop.

^My God! Just like that.....

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