Saturday, March 26, 2011

Wrapping his arms around his wife, Ob kisses her deeply, his mind entwining with hers, letting her feel the anger and possessiveness currently riding him.

Bruha, I will be back. I am flying Rowan home. Bella... *Te quiero Pandora. Stay safe until I return.

Striding to the back hall. Ob stops momentarily with the two Sidhe guests. They nod. One answers, "We wait for your return, Stone Dragon. Care for your friend. We understand."

Ob makes it to the back lot minutes later. He throws back his head and roars. Birds take off from the scattered brush and trees. He rises to his full height, absorbing mass from the elements. Scales flow over him as he drops to his knees. His wings spread, rising. One flap, two, and he flexes his tail, clearing a swath of crushed stone.

Ob turns his head as Stoney steps into the lot. A single nod and Stoney surges upwards. His wings flap taking him upwards. Ramji stands before him, watching the two disappear. Moments later he is gone, carrying a stoic Laila in his arms. Ob stretches his neck, pushing Ramji with his snout. The Rider looks at him, eyes filled with rage and pain. His face blanks, eyes becoming dark pits. Ob lays down, offering his back.

Ramji mounts, offering his hand to Rowan. He swings her up behind him. Guunnar helps her settle into place, then leans close to his friend. "Do not close uff von your feelings Ramji. Du must let Laila see. Already I see das *kalt. Ist ok to be vorried. Ist ok to be pissed."

Ramji nods, shifting his grip on a twisted spine. His knuckles go white and he takes a deep breath. "When I see Laila..." He looks at Guunnar. "I will remember."

Guunnar steps back and Rowan taps her heels to Ob's sides. He surges his dragon form into the air, pumping his wings until he gains the thermals. Tapping Stoney's mind, Ob follows him through the night sky, soaring over the town. He soon spies his brother in a small clearing and spirals in to land.

Ramji slides from his back as soon as his feet hit the ground. He turns and waits for Rowan. When the healer strides past him, Ramji is close on her heels. He gently Laila's good hand, brushing his lips against the calloused palm, then steps back as Stoney carries her into the cabin, Go home little brother. Go protect our wives and kids.

Ob touches mental knuckles with his brother and takes to the clouds.


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