Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lord Adrian's people come and go freely through the gates. It is obvious that the humans do not fear him, but instead seek his input in important matters. A few of his Nest carry clipboards, noting names and grievances being brought for decision. Dmitri stands among the shadows, listening.

Zade cocks her head. Her muzzle wrinkles, as if to growl, but no sound emerges. Tao lifts his impressive bulk from where he sprawls and lowers his head. Their eyes gleam red in warning. The woman approaching has her head bent over her board, looking up at the last moment. She smiles at Dmitri, revealing slightly sharp teeth.

*"Eísai edó̱ gia na deíte Kýrio Adrian?" She glances at the black dogs, then does a double take. ^"Échete tétoies endiaférouses skyliá. Ti rátsa ... O̱!" She takes a step back, bowing to the Rider. ~"Pó̱s boroúme na sas voi̱thí̱soume Hunter? Den échoume spásei symvólaio me tous anthró̱pous mas. Den boreíte na eíste edó̱ gia Adri ... " Dmitri cuts her off, holding up a black gloved hand. Instantly her words stop and she glances around.

Several others approach, a mixture of humans and undead, at her unvoiced signal. Within the darkness of his hood, Dmitri smiles. The Hounds stiffen, falling into an attack stance. He waits for them to get closer before he speaks.

His words have a hollow sound, an effect of the hood.

"**Férno̱ éna mí̱nyma se Adrian, o Lórdos tou laoú tou, apó Laila, éna paidí ti̱s Sýmvasi̱s. Eíte prókeitai gia to théli̱má Tou na akoúsei af̱tó to mí̱nyma stous anthró̱pous tou í̱ gia ta af̱tiá tou kai móno, Anaménoume ef̱charísti̱si̱ Tou."

The woman turns and motions the others away. She glides out of sight, more quickly than any human could possibly move. The Rider smiles, feeling the eyes of many watching. Some hold curiosity, others wariness. Zade lowers herself to sprawl at his feet as Tao paces before dropping beside his mate. Another Hound appears from the shadows and touches Dmitri's glove. heads turn, then quickly look away. Dmitri opens the palm flap of his glove and touches his bared skin to the Hound's neck. message received, the creature bounds back into the shadows and is gone.

Dmitri leans against a tree, tugging his hood lower, and settles in to wait.

*Are you here to see Lord Adrian?

^You have such interesting dogs. What breed... Oh!

~How may we help you Hunter? We have not broken contract with our people. You cannot be here for Adri..."

**I bring a message to Adrian, Lord of His People, from Laila, a child of the Contract. Be it His will to hear this message among His people or for His ear alone, We await His pleasure.

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