Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ky wakes up slowly and lets her eyes adjust to the dim light and her unfamiliar surroundings.

Where am I? Wheres Horse? I was on my horse.... then not on the horse, on the ground...

She tries to sit up and is stopped by two strong, yet gentle hands. She focuses her eyes and sees her brother, Drai.

“Hey sleepyhead. You need to stay put for now. The healers need to put a brace on that ankle before you can start moving around. I hope you dont mind using crutches...”

“I dont need crutches. What are you doing here? Oh...” Her mind starts to clear. “I'm in the Unformed Plane. I was fighting, and I remember a hellcat, a huge one. Then falling off Horse... and not much else. I take it this is a medical tent...”

Drai nods. “Yes. And you need to listen for once in your life. You have stitches and a dislocated ankle. No fighting for you for awhile.”

Ky immediately starts to protest but Drai is having none of it. “I will tie you to that bunk if I have to. Do you want to have a permanent limp?”

She slowly shakes her head. “No, of course not. But I told Raina I would find her brother. So I have to at least be able to ride.”

“Her brother? Would that be the Viking that brought you to the tent here? The healers said he carried you in after you collapsed.”

“He hasnt left has he? I have to talk to him.” Ky struggles to sit up.

“Will you just lay still? He hasnt left. The healers said he has stopped here a couple of times to see if you were awake. I just got here an hour or so ago. You have been out of it for about a day and a half.” Ky's stomach starts to growl, making Drai laugh. “I'll go see about some food. And I can get one of the healers to speak to you about the brace. Horse is fine. He is stabled with mine. Does that cover everything?”

Ky nods, “Yes, for now anyway...”

Ky lays back and lets her thought drift. Her mind goes to Gareth, then Raina, and of course, Nick. The way he kissed her when she was ready to leave left no doubt in her mind that he wanted more, a lot more.

She sighs softly. And now this... gazing at the bandage on her lower leg and foot. I wonder if its really as bad as Drai says. He is full of shit on a good day...

An attempt to bring her knee up brings excruciating pain to the lower limb and leaves Ky gasping. Okay... maybe it is bad. I'll just lay here for awhile....

Her thoughts return once again to her new family. Gareth had wanted her to think about what she wanted while she was away from them. She knew he was worried that she wouldnt approve of his and Nicks relationship. It wasnt that she disapproved of anything, after all, Gareth didnt mind when she preferred to spend time with Raina. Thinking back to the night she watched through the spy holes she wasnt shocked or disgusted by any of it. It just didnt turn her on either.

I wonder if thats good enough? I miss them all, especially Gareth....

Her thoughts are interrupted by a large man standing at the foot of her cot clearing his throat to get her attention.

As she looks up she has to stop herself from gasping out loud. That has to be Rainas brother. He looks just like Erik, only younger... now that I can see him better without all his battle gear...

“I hope you are feeling better... you didnt look so hot when I brought you here.”

Ky nods, 'Yeah, well, not one of my smarter moves.”

The stranger grins, “It happens to the best of us. The cats are hard to kill. Anyway, I wanted to ask you something.”

“Sure, shoot..” Ky sits up a bit more.

“How do you know I had a sister named Raina?”

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