Tuesday, March 29, 2011

At the picnic table Rowan brings out a guitar and hands it to Stoney. He smiles as he tunes it, the twins watching expectantly. Tara starts to clap her hands to the sounds of her papan tuning the instrument.

Glancing over to the trellis Alise sees Laila and Ramji silhouetted, Laila looking up at him as he brushes her hair back and pulls her close.

Erik joins the group, wanting to make sure Star gets home safely. He sits on the grass with her, kissing her softly, his hand lingering on her belly.

Chaton, what would you have me play?

I dont know Chiot. Maybe something for them... Stoney follows her gaze to the trellis.

Stoney starts to strum the guitar, “I dont know all the words yet, but this is one I am working on...”

As Stoney plays Alise watches the shadows in the trellis become one and start to sway gently together and she smiles.

I wanna know your whole skin, every mark, every inch
I wanna heal your pain, don't be scared, let me in
Lay yourself down, I will comfort you, I will comfort you
Until the stars fall around us

For every dream that you lost, every tear that it cost
I will, I will unbreak you
All the pain that you feel, let this moment be real
I will, I will unbreak you
I will undo the hurt
I will unbreak you …...

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