Saturday, March 26, 2011

Star smiles when Erik tells her shes beautiful. She hands him the box, then brings Mera up to her shoulder.

“You can have these. Rowan said I should save them and I have only used a few over the years...”

Eriks eyes go wide when he opens the box. Inside are neatly stacked bills, mostly twenty's and fifty's. “Star...where did you get all this money?”

Star shrugs her shoulders, “Some of it came from my drawings. Some of it my mother had. The ones at the bottom are pretty old, I hope they are still good. Alise says you can use it to buy things for this...” and she gestures to the addition to their cabin.

Erik nods as he and Keon exchange grins. “She is right, but I really dont think we need all of this...”

“Use whatever you want. I am going to feed Mera and start supper. Will you be able to take a break and eat?”

Erik nods, amazed at how much money is in the box.

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