Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Ky rides slowly back to camp, slumped over and bleeding. As soon as Horse stops she slips off his back, landing in a pile at his feet. The fighting had been fierce and seemed to go on for days.

I must be out of practice or out of shape... or probably both. I should have missed that damn hellcat by a mile at least... damn... my leg hurts... its bleeding.... I wonder how long I have been gone...seems like forever... Gareth... I want Gareth....

Just as Ky thinks she is going to pass out in the dirt before anyone notices her there, she is hoisted to her feet by two strong arms.

“Come on, Red. Cant have you dying in the road. Can you walk if I help?”

Ky tries to move her leg but the pain makes her moan softly. Her knees give out and she starts to pitch forward.

Thats when the stranger notices the blood running down her leg and puddling at her feet.

A groom rushes forward to take the horse and points to one of the less busy medical tents.

Suddenly Ky is lifted up and cradled like a baby. She opens her eyes and tries to focus on the face above her.

“A Viking...you're a Viking....” Ky whispers.

The stranger carries Ky easily and heads toward the tent that the groom had indicated. “Well, close those gorgeous eyes if it bothers you...”

Ky sighs, “Thats what your sister always tells me...”

“My sister?”

“Yeah... Raina... Raina always tells... me....” and Ky passes out as she is handed over to a Fae healer.

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