Thursday, October 15, 2015

Traeger and Erin had completed their task with Stoney's family without any problems. Upon learning Traeger's idea of having clay from the gargoyle's home soil on hand was looked upon so favorably by the family that they stored some at their own home for emergencies. They treated the couple like true family and promised to visit again soon; grandmere was eager to see the great grandchildren again.

Traeger and Erin were so enamoured of France that they took a small chateau in the french countryside to relax and spend time getting to know each other.

They had browsed the market places and antique shops... and sent a small antique fountain of limestone to Tori and Tanner as a wedding gift. It was topped with a gargoyle looking down into the water that pooled in the fountainn basin, and the patina of the old stone told its antiquity  like no amount of paper work would. They both were sure it would suit Tori's taste; even if she did dress like a modern woman; her heart 's roots would cherish it.

Traeger glanced up as Erin slipped out the door onto their small patio. They had total seclusion with the tall shrubs  that surrounded them , and she was clad in nothing but an open robe of soft gauze like fabric, it clung to her as she moved and Traeger's eyes followed..."Come here"...he got out with a husky catch in his voice, and Erin drifted  his direction...her eyes locked on his as she approached and he eached out to draw her to him.

He was seated and her soft belly was level with his mouth as he moved forward and kissed the flesh there..his hands cupping her ass  and pulling her closer. He took her left leg and placed her foot on the bench beside him; opening her to his touch as he drifted his hand down into the lush curls of her mons. Erin moaned at the touch, and he slid his fingers into  the soft folds of her pussy..pinching at her clit...plunging a finger into her tight hole as she drew a sharp breath.

 Her muscles clinched and he began a soft in & out motion with the extra finger he added...the two of them filling her  enough to elicit a moan. leaning farther forward he licked lavishly at her clit while he continued his assault with his fingers...her hands twining into his hair as she thrust her hips forward.

Traeger felt her body tensing as her passion built; and he reached down and released his cock from the confines of the sweatpants he wore as his only clothing.

He pulled her leg down and drew her forward to straddle his lap; his cock finding her wet pussy and he stabbed hard and fast into her...her panting encouragement and heaving hips taking them both up higher and higher.. until she screamed, and he felt her clench his cock as she came and he followed close behind her, feeling his cum filling her as she slumped against him...content and spent with their mutual lust.

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