Saturday, October 17, 2015

Morning is not far away. The heat of day has yet to build, most still slumber in the twilight before dawn. Maarteen tosses in his bed, dreams drifting from vague images into the deeper zone of Vision.

His hand is reaching for his cell phone before he is completely aware. The voice on the other end is surprised, yet thankfully understanding. "The boys... They have wandered farther than safe. Shadowed warriors, blue, fierce.. danger." Before more can be said, Maarteen feels the very light touch of a distant mind. The link is tentative, possible only due to the fact that both men stretch themselves. The images slip from Maarteen's mind to his cousin, then to the Kin and the boys themselves.

Ob is off at a run, changing as he goes, Stoney on his heels. Both men arrive just in time to see Drai dispatch the man who grabbed Teri. Tomas stands not far away, a small winged bulldog, snarling at the shadows. Teri waves to his father. He looks to the dead Drow and bends to look closer.

"Pa'pa? Can I keep him?"

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