Friday, October 16, 2015

Customers mill around the shop. Kit, one of Tori's kids, wraps up one of Stoney's statuettes. The woman is on her cell, telling her friend about "the amazing likeness to the shop's original owner." She goes on to describe it, then gushes on about "not being able to wait to show them!"

Tori smiles to herself. It is a great piece, one of Grace's self-portraits rendered into 3-D. Kit finishes the sale and the happy woman leaves, again on her cell. Kit looks at Tori, rolling her eyes. The two hide smiles and Kit turns to help a couple interested in a piece of Traeger's more unusual jewelry pieces. 

One of the Crows sits at the small table outside, sipping hot chocolate. The elderly shoemaker sits across from her, contemplating his next move in their game of checkers. Tori blinks back tears as she thinks of all the times she did Kit's job, while Torrent sat at the same table with the shoemaker, or sharing lunch with Grace. Her phone rings and she clears her throat before answering.

"Red, what's wrong?"

The slim Gargoyle smiles at her husband's voice. "I'm ok Babe. Just thinking of Grace." She smiles at a couple who stop next to her to examine the painting of two wolves at play. Tori nods to the pair and carefully chooses her words. "We sold another of Re'mi Garguoille's pieces. Remind me to call the warehouse. Also we need to bring in more of the nature works and the root sculptures from Ty." The couple move away and Tori lowers her voice. "I love you Coppertop. I am ok. Really. Just a little nostalgic."

She smiles, feeling the touch of his mind against hers. He carresses her face and Tori closes her eyes, relishing what only she can feel. As she opens her eyes, her gaze falls on a young girl near the Fae art. She smiles in a knowing way and tugs at her bangs. Her eyes sparkle for a moment, betraying a bit of magic and she lays her delicate hand on the arm of the thuggish male beside her. She winks at Tori, then turns her attention to the man.

"Call me when you get off. I am going to head over to the Tavern when we close." He tells her he loves her and Tori whispers it back, following it with a mental caress of her own. She hears the catch in his breath and laughs. They ring off and she tucks her phone in her back pocket.

Kit waves to her and Tori walks over to answer a customer's questions about a new artist and her work. She glances at the clock, noting three hours until closing.

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