Sunday, October 18, 2015

The winter hit Exton with a vengeance that year leaving little time for any celebration of the Drows defeat. Even holiday celebrations had been quiet family affairs, travel made difficult by the piles of snow, dangerous icy roads and bitter cold. The gars had no trouble getting around when they changed but the cold made carrying any of the children almost impossible.

Star didnt mind all the snow and cold. She took Ru and Mera out often to play in the snow. Mera loved the cold weather and seemed to burst with energy in it, often leaving her hat and mittens to lay in the snow. The wolves also were enjoying the snowy weather as was Tannrs small fox who blended in perfectly with the white landscape. To Tannrs amazement Fox would allow Star to pick her up and carry her, rubbing her head against the faes shoulder. Erik was not surprised however, having seen Star befriend any creature she came across except for the goblins. Nadia was growing and thriving under Stars and Eriks care although she didnt like the cold and preferred to stay with her father near the fire when the rest of the family was outside. Erik didnt mind staying inside with his adopted daughter and a special bond began to form between them. On these days Mya would venture out with Star but would return to the warmth of the cabin long before anyone else was ready to come in.

At the cottage Stoney and Alises children were constantly in and out of the house, cabin fever in full swing. Plans for the school and Chiaras move had to be postponed until the weather was calmer but there wasnt much left to do to get the school ready for the children. Tomas had been frustrated at playing with his sisters and longed for Ryan to be able to join him in his games. Alise thought she would lose her mind long before spring arrived but a sudden January thaw and temperatures rising to 35 degrees for the first time since winter had hit had her on the phone with family and friends planning a weekend at the Tavern. When the kids heard of their mothers plan and realized they would be seeing Chloe, Teri, Ryan, Ru and Mera their joyful screams had Alise laughing and covering her ears.

Mon Dieu! I think Mortuis can hear this at the Manse.... Alise sends her thoughts to her resting husband.

Stoney laughs softly, I think we all need a little break, even Laila is looking worn out....

Alise nods, her thoughts moving to how long all the Riders had been gone. They seemed to disappear after the attack on the Drow. Rowan seemed to think that Marc would visit any day now and Star would only say the Riders would be back soon. Alise hoped so, she knew Laila missed Ramji more than she would let on.

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