Friday, October 16, 2015

Raina scans the crowd after Gunnar is hurriedly taken by Nick out of the Tavern through the kitchen. Luckily, few had witnessed the attack, the crowds attention had been on the band and paid little attention to Guunnar and Nick. When Erik returns from the manse he sees Raina, her forehead wrinkled in concentration as her eyes move slowly from one side of the dance floor to the next.

“Hey Sis... picking up anything?”

“Something... not sure, but its not threatening....” Raina pauses and looks to her brother. “You certainly dont think that assassin meant to get Gunaar do you? It was you they are after... with you gone, that bitch thinks Ru is an easy target. ...”

“The thought had occurred to me.” Erik sighs. “Try not to say anything to Star, I dont know how she would react to that idea.”

“I bet she is already thinking it, or just knows. You know how she is...” Raina glances around again, then her eyes move to the stairs. “There it is again... sadness...fear... quickly hidden... Alise! Can you read anything from the kids?”

Alise's head snaps up when Raina calls to her. She had been sitting with Star, who was waiting for Erik to take her to the manse. Rowan had called and said the wound was not as serious as first feared but Star wanted to see Guunnar for herself.

“No, ma souer... they seem to be sleeping...” Alise is quiet for a minute, concentrating. “Or...maybe not quite asleep, the little monkeys...”

Alise stands intending to go upstairs, but Raina stops her.

“Alise, let me go. I think Tara is upset and maybe I can help her. Can you give me a few minutes?”

“Of course. You know what she is feeling more than the rest of us...” Alise swallows hard, worried for her daughter and what the future holds for her with the gift she has.

“I think we are going to have to explain to the kids whats going on. They are entirely too perceptive to be kept in the dark...”

Nodding Alise looks to Star and then to her husband. “I agree. I will talk to Stoney and Star and Erik, and join you in a few minutes...”

Raina moves quickly up the stairs and taps softly on the door. She is greeted by a swarm of demifae, brandishing hatpins and needles until they see who is at the door.

Stepping silently into the dimly lit room Raina senses Tomas, wondering why she was there and sees an eye quickly shut when she glances his way.

“Going to have to be faster than that little man...” Raina stops at the foot of the big bed then crawls into the middle, knowing not one of the group was actually sleeping.

“So whats going on? How come all of you are awake so late?” Raina looks at each of the small serious faces.

Raina watches as the kids all look at one another. Tara wipes her eyes and Tomas as usual, is the one to speak up.

“We know something happened to Uncle Gunnaar...something bad..... Tara could feels it and now she is sad... and she says she is scared for Ru.. Why is that Tante Raina?”

Oh holy hel! Where is Alise? Raina looks to Tara and pulls the little girl into her lap, holding her close. What other gifts do you have little one? Something more than empath if you can feel intentions...

“Well, your Uncle Gunnaar is going to be fine. He was attacked and stabbed...” Gasps all around and Raina sees Teri and Ru, sitting up in their smaller trundles, looking at the group in the big bed wide eyed.

“Should I get them Aunt Raina?” Chloe asks.

With a nod from her aunt Chloe scoots out of the bed and helps the two youngest members of the family onto the big bed where they snuggle close to Tomas.

Gods...I hope their parents are going to be okay with this...

“Like I was saying, Gunnaar was stabbed but Mortuis and Rowan have taken care of him. The wound is not as serious as first thought and Rowan says he will be fine a few days...”

Raina watches as Tara with some sixth sense that she has, reaches for Ruarc and pulls the little boy into her lap. She knows or senses it only because the kids are so close or is it something more??

When Alise walks in the childrens room she sees Raina sitting in the middle of the bed, Tara in her lap, and Ruarc in Taras lap, the other children snuggled close.

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