Sunday, October 18, 2015


The sudden draft of frigid air heralds the opening of the Tavern door. Heads turn to the figures in the door. The squeals of excitement send Demifae flying for cover as the children converge on the new arrivals. Tannr finds himself tugged toward the makeshift fort before he can even take off his coat. He laughs, and sends Tori a rueful smile.

I warned you. The boys couldn't wait for you to get here.

He winks at his wife and lets the little ones wrestle him to the ground, as he clasps hands in greeting with Drai. Tori grins, holding her laptop high above young hands as the girls escort her to the family table. They babble, telling her in high pitched tones about all the plans. Tori looks over the young ones heads and grimaces at Pandora. "Now I know why the Demifae took to the rafters."

At her words, Gracie covers her mouth, eyes wide. She touches Mera's arm and the other girl falls quiet as well. Chloe turns to Gracie as Tara looks up, closing her eyes as she sends feelings of remorse toward the hiding Fae. The little one nods and chirps a few times. Miko and Rachel drift slowly downward, followed by Mya. Landing on the family table, they listen and nod slowly. Their words are rapid, and even though Miko is frowning and Mya stands with hands on her hips, the tone is not angry. Rachel looks back and forth, worry obvious in her stance. After a few moments Gracie nods and Rachel relaxes. Her usual smile returns and Rachel flits to Pandora's shoulder. Miko returns to the rafters as Mya gives her wings a final flick before walking over to settle on the edge of a cookie plate. She swings her feet as she picks up a crumb and nibbles at the sweet tidbit.

Chloe looks up at her parents, aunts and uncles. The self appointed spokesman presses her lips together for a few moments. It is obvious that all the girls are talking through their link, Mera using Gracie's touch to hear and talk to the others. It is only a few moments before Chloe nods and tells the adults they are sorry. "Miko reminded us we is inside and sounds are different for their ears." She looks at the petite warrior as he settles on the table top. He nods as she continues. "We can be loud, scream, laugh... but no screeching." She looks down at him and he nods. "We..." she pauses a moment, trying to remember the words he told Gracie. "We are little girls, not shrieking banshees or..." she makes a face trying to say a word, "chit..." She looks quickly at her father, then lowers her eyes. "demons."

Ob laughs, quickly choking it back and failing miserably. "*Si Gitanilla, mis piedras preciosas. If you get too... If you reach "demonic" tones again, I will have Miko chase you all down for punishment." The warrior salutes him with the tip of his sword, flourishing a dramatic bow. When the winged man turns to the girls, they glance at Ob, then run screaming for the private room where Pandora has laid out paper and every crafting supply she could find. Laughter erupts as the children vanish behind closed doors. Miko zips into the air and winks at Ob before flying off to watch over the girls. Pandora shakes her head and Mya looks up curiously.

Alise leans close to Pandora. "Does Miko know about the demon blood?" Pandora grins. "Yes. I don't know what creature he called them, but at least it wasn't Chupacabra." At the confused expression on Alise and Star's faces, Monty, who was setting a pot of coffee and mugs on the table, coughed and explained. "Teri and Chloe were using Tori's laptop to look for my race in Spanish myths and came across that. Teri thought it was a gargoyle and wanted to know if it was related. When Ob told him it wasn't, he wanted to know if it was demon and when we could invite one to dinner. I said it wasn't a very good idea." Monty rolls his eyes. "Then he wanted to know if they were good to eat."

Pandora crosses her arms, cocks her head at her husband and heaves a dramatic sigh. "He is definitely his father's son."

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