Saturday, October 17, 2015


K'thyri and Drai have yet to remove their hands from their ears, or the pained expressions from their faces, Pandora smiles gently and whispers, "Children reach octaves painful to sensitive ears." She grimaces. "Chloe in a tantrum makes an excited Tara tame in comparison. And if Teri gets frustrated..."

Ike laughs. "The boy can hit notes a talented soprano envies."

Monty tops off their glasses, moving on to others awaiting refills. Star and Alise return, their sons in their arms. When they are settled comfortably, the boys listen wide eyed as the adults talk. Their hands touch and fingers grip tight. As Stoney rejoins the group he notes their hands and opens his mind wide. Tomas looks up at his father as he feels him join the children's private link.

Stoney smiles ruefully at Erik and Mortuis. "Well, so much for just the boys being informed. All the kids are listening."

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