Friday, October 16, 2015

I am resting, having seen Rowan off the property and dealt with the matter of Guunnar's overnight observers. Tonight K'thyri and Raina will keep watch over the giant and I may take my ease, knowing that should aught disturb his peace, I will be informed at once.

I therefore make ready for bed and compose myself for sleep, when there comes a subtle but distinct probe at the edges of the wards, testing my shields... I probe tentatively at the intruder's magic, finding it to be powerful, with an undertaste of the dark fae.

So be it.

I touch the thread of power, follow it to its end... then send a surge of raw power blazing down the thread, disrupting the probe and giving the caster, I flatter myself, a migraine to end all migraines.

I sleep well after that....

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