Friday, October 16, 2015

The kids were up in the nursery, since the Tavern's "Dinner Hour" was over. Marcia was running late, but she HAD called. When she showed up to take her shift, Ike was finally able to spend time with the family. Lunar Eclipse was just starting the third song of their first set when Ike drops into a chair next to her brother and sister-in-law.

The feline gargoyle taps Alise' chair with the toe of her teal cowboy boot. Monty puts a glass of ice water infront of her and shakes his head. The buxom blonde makes a face at him and laughs as Stoney raises a brow.

"He's reminding me that curiosity killed the cat."

Stoney glanced at his wife, then back at his sister. "Explain, *cher."

Ike shrugs, "I'm curious about what else was in the box. I mean, it was freaking huge! Have you even looked yet?"

Ob's voice is low, a warning tone she has heard only a few times before. "Ike."

It is only then that Ike notices the tears on Alise' face, the tension in Stoney, and concern in the others. She touches her brothers' minds, finding them locked down tight. Touching her sister's, she feels a heavy sigh. That bad?

Tori reaches past Ike to gently squeeze Alise' hand. Aye.
The redhead tugs on Alise' hand until she looks at her. "You are allowed gaps. Trust me, there are things I would LOVE to forget. If you want, we will all help with the box. you can even go through it at the warehouse, so the memories that do come back won't invade your home."

* an endearment

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