Thursday, October 15, 2015

Seeing her aunt blush, Gracie touches Tara's arm. The older sister grins and touches Mera. Keon's daughter and Chloe begin to giggle. Soon all the children are giggling, Tomas having touched Ryan to share the family thoughts. The adults try to probe their children's thoughts, only to be stymied by the laughter ringing in the children's hearts and minds. At the puzzled and frustrated looks on their parents' faces, the children laugh harder.

"Just what, *vous peu pa├»ens, is so funny?" 

Stoney raises an eyebrow, waiting for a response. It takes a few minutes for any of the children to calm enough to answer.

Tara holds her cheeks, eyes dancing in her merriment. "Tante Tori is blushing because Onca Tannr is being bad, like you do to Mama. But it is ok. We just want to know when their baby is coming. Gracie says she doesn't hear it yet. Kal says they need more practice. That is what his mama' tells his pa'pa. They need to practice to make more babies."

Pandora's hand flies to her mouth, covering her shock. Ob bursts out in laughter. He shakes his head. "Is that it Tannr, you two not practicing enough?

*you little heathens

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