Saturday, October 17, 2015

Star laughs at Ruarcs antics as she tries to dress him for the day. The little boy was engaged in a game of tug of war with Lobo, his jeans in danger of being ripped in half. Mera was trying, without success to stop the wolf when suddenly shadowcat appeared in the middle of things causing Lobo to yelp and run and hide behind Wolf. Ruarc landed on his bottom with a 'thud'. Mya joined in everyones laughter but was startled into silence and zipped behind Star when Eriks cell went off.

Watching Erics face change from serious to smiling to angry has Star wondering who on earth was calling and what was wrong. When Erics hangs up all he will say is “We need to go over to Rowans”.

As Star readies the children she falls silent. She knew from the look on her husbands face that no amount of begging or pleading would make him tell her any more than he already had.

A short time later, Rowan lets her guests in and greets the children with hugs and kisses. Star wanders in and notices the welcoming fire burning in the living room. She approaches thinking to warm her hands and sees the cushion on the floor. Then sees a baby, bundled up, sound asleep.

“Oh! Rowan! Whose baby?” She kneels close to see the little one better. “What a cutie. Is it a girl?”

Rowan watches from the doorway as Star runs a finger over a soft cheek. “Hi little one. How are you?” Nadia opens her eyes and looks right at Star. “Ohh...look at your eyes, how pretty..” Star giggles in her strange whispery way and says “I think she likes me... Where did she come from?”

Rowan and Eric exchange a grin and Rowan gives him a nudge. “You can tell her...”

“Tell me what?” Stars eyes go dark, wondering what their secret is.

“Princess...the baby is a girl, her name is Nadia. She is only a few days old. And she needs a home...”

“A foster home like Mera?” Star asks quietly barely daring to hope.

“No. She needs a permanent home. Her mother cant care for her... Marc brought her to Rowan in the hopes of finding parents to adopt her.

Marc watches Stars eyes, a virtual kaleidoscope of colors. “Wow..”

Rowan grins at the comment, whispered just under Marcs breath.

“You mean we can adopt her? She can be ours?” Tears start to fill Stars eyes and when Eric nods the tears slip down her cheeks.

“ohh...thank you...” Star moves to Rowan throwing her arms around her. As she steps back she looks to Marc. Star takes one of his large hands in her tiny ones and looks up to him, her face streaked with tears but glowing with happiness. “Thank you...thank you for bringing her here...”

Marc can only nod, not trusting his voice. He was so relieved and happy for everyone, especially little Nadia who would now have a chance for a decent life.

Star goes back to the cushion and carefully takes the baby in her arms. “Hello Nadia. I am going to be your mommy from now on. You have a brother and a sister and lots of family that will want to meet you...”

She takes a seat on the couch so Ruarc and Mera can come close and meet their new sister.

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