Saturday, October 17, 2015

I stand watching the children's antics, unseen by any but Tara. The child grins and winks, knowing none but I will see. I should speak with Alise, for what Star and Bloodstone have spoken is naught but plain unvarnished truth. These exercises, which now seem like play to the young ones, may one day spell the difference between freedom and captivity, or even between life and death.

My gaze is drawn back to the Wyldfae pair. Curious; from what I have learned from K'thyri and others, the Wyldfae do not generally make much use of magic, though of course it lies within their capabilities. Indeed, compared with the Fae of both Courts, who use magic even for trivial pastimes, the Wyldfae scarce use magic at all. Yet Wish and Pike fairly hum with power. 

I frown. It is an anomaly, and I do not trust anomalies; they have a disconcerting habit of biting one in the gluteal regions, and that at the most damnably inconvenient times. Yet I would venture my life upon the integrity of Wish and Pike. I believe they would sacrifice their own lives right willingly to protect their charges. 

I sigh. I sometimes believe that I will never live long enough to unriddle the many conundrums that life presents....

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