Saturday, October 17, 2015

The door to the attic workroom opens and Ob leans against the jam, watching his children concentrate on their studies. He hides his thoughts, storing the overheard conversation for later discussion with his wife and Kin.

Death magic. Could they be taught how to use it responsibly? How to use it only to save their lives? He shudders as he feels his inner Deamon perk up. He never explored that part of his heritage, and now he has two children carrying that part as well. 

Burying those thoughts even deeper, Ob clears his throat. two small heads swivel in his direction, followed by the scrambling of young bodies.

"Pa'pa! Pa'pa! Is it true? Mama said Tante Star has another baby to raise!"

He gathers his little ones in his arms, spying the fae at the last moment. Setting the kids on the table, Ob offers his hand to the Demifae. The little man steps gracefully onto Ob's flattened palm.

"Thank you Doctor. Tomorrow, same time?"

The little man nods and mounts his waiting dragon. With a wave, and a snap of the reigns, the dragon surges upwards and soars out the window.

Ob swings his little ones up into his arms. They laugh freely, a sound that lightens the Gargoyle's darker thoughts. "The baby's name is Nadia. Would you like to go meet her?"

At their mutual agreement, Ob climbs out the window and stretches wings to capture the breeze. Pushing off, he glides to the ground, his children merrily urging him onward.

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