Saturday, October 17, 2015

Star leans back and takes a deep breath as Erik moves behind her and puts his arms around her waist.

“Everything all right Princess?”

Star nods and her gaze drifts towards Alise. She knew her friend was still upset about the whole plan and really wanted to take her kids and run. Stoney was keeping her calm but Star sensed that her emotions were raw and being tightly guarded and held in check. The least thing would set off an explosion that would make the outburst at the meeting look like a childs tantrum.

“See if you can find any of the children. Pike is teaching them to hide and to find one another. The older kids are really good at this which is frustrating the younger ones...”

Erik sits next to Star and exchanges a greeting with Alise and Stoney. “They will learn. Inari is a master at this type of deception, I imagine she will help the kids at some point too.” Eriks eyes scan the clearing, “I cant see any of them...” He turns to Star, “Can you see them?”

The slight sound of her whispery giggle makes Erik smile, reminding him of the days when she barely spoke to anyone except Wolf. “I know where Ru is, but I always know where he is...”

Erik and Stoney exchange a grin over the womens heads, knowing it would do no good to ask how she knew. Star just 'knew' things and wouldnt answer the question anyway.

“Is that Tomas?” Alise asks and leans forward. She had noticed the smallest of movements, her son fidgeting, having a hard time remaining motionless. She leans on her husband, clearly still very worried no matter what she said.

Stoney, what will we do if they decide to hide from us?

They wont mon amour. Remember when you used to worry that Tomas would fly away? They are good children and would not worry their maman.

Alise nods and tries to smile but her anxiety is almost palpable. Stoney pulls her close trying to reassure her.

Stoney opens his thoughts to his Sibs, as well as his wife. Can anyone else see the the petits?

Ob catches on, nudging Pandora. "Bruha, can you see the magic Chloe is using? I think I see Teri leaning against the tree. Watch the roots. The color is not quiite close enough."

Pan laughs, taking Alise's hand and pointing to Gracie curled under a bush. The little girl waves before going still and nearly blending with her surroundings.

Alise forces a smile and Stoney opens to his siblings only. This battle cannot come soon enough. Alise cannot take this stress. There will not be a Drow left to bother us if I can help it...

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