Friday, October 16, 2015

Tori looks up from Alise, scanning the crowd. Ike opens up, feeling for what bothered her sister. There are small fluctuations in the Wards, but nothing that is out of the ordinary. Both scan for a few more moments. There is a spike, a pulse of power. A man in the back draws their attention. 

The guy looks angry. His drink is nearly gone, and he has waved for another. His gaze is on his glass, boring into it as if the answers lie in the bottom. He glances up as the drink is put on the table, catching Ike's gaze. He salutes her with the filled glass and downs half. He waves for another and Ike shakes her head, sending to Tori. Angry Drunk. Must be him spiking the Wards. I'll have Monty pour him in a cab after a few more.

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