Sunday, October 18, 2015

Obsidian lands just outside the fight zone. He breathes deep and shudders. A surge of energy rushes through him and he feels the Deamon inside take notice of all the carnage. He growls softly, grinding his teeth. The pair within the zone turn their eyes on the gargoyle. His voice is gravelly due to his still stone form.

"I came," he clears his throat, the sound a harsh grinding,"I came to see if you needed any help." He licks his lips as his eyes softly glow. He flexes dark granite wings and breathes deeply. "Allah... That feels sooo good."

His skin ripples, a liquid movement of flesh. Blue infuses the dark granite and he shakes like a large dog. Scales form, shading the stone to even more shades of blue. The Gargoyle raises his head and shakes it, horntips catching, and reflecting, the light of the rising moon. He blinks Deamon slitted eyes and smiles a mouth full of pointed teeth.

"*Vamos chicos ... me deja jugar tambiƩn?" A worried look crosses the Deamon's face. " Let's not tell the wife?"

Keon looks at Mortuis and quirks an eyebrow. The Sorcerer laughs, the sound both surprised and chilling.

"No fears on that point Obsidian Heart. I believe none of us would wish your wife to know of this. Keon, are you ready to open another Gate?" When the Dark Fae nods, the Sorcerer smiles even though it only shows with the glinting of his eyes. 

"I believe these warriors would best rest at Home."

*Come on guys... let me play too?

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