Saturday, October 17, 2015

Guunnar shifts. Muscles in his back and buttocks move, drawing Dmitri's appreciative gaze. The Viking glances at the door and straightens his hospital gown. Glancing over his shoulder, he catches Dmitri's appraisal.

"*Ich weiss. They habt nicht a gown to fit mich." He tugs at the hem. "Ist short, ja?" He grins. "Chust cubbers mine chunk."

Dmitri purses his lips, hiding a laugh. "Chunk?"

The Viking turns, lifting the hem of his gown. "Ja. Chunk."

The dark haired Rider grins. "I wouldn't call that Chunky."

Guunnar looks down at his half erect manhood. "Vat du call it?"

"Solid muscle."

Guunnar snorts. "Nicht solidt. Ist alvays haf vay right now." He sighs, puffing out his full mustache. "Und Ich bin alvays vanting. Neber enuff sex..."

He sighs then looks up, noting the hungry look on Dmitri's face. The smaller man licks his lips, swallows hard, and closes his eyes as crimson slowly suffuses his swarthy complexion.

"Ach... es tut mir leid, mein freund." As Dmitri turns away, Guunnar lays a hand on his friend's shoulder. "Hast it bin dat long?" 

The darker man sighs. "Long enough. ~o filos mou, long enough."

"Keon sagt vonce... Humans habt too many taboos. Vy ist wrong to enchoy das feel uf anudder's body ven du hast need? I habst need. Du hast need. Ve habt several hours to ourselbs. Vat say du, Dmi? Ve hilft each udder?"

Dmitri stares into the giant's eyes "You are not a lover of men Guunnar."

The Viking smiles. "Ach.. I am a lover of all. Trust mir Dmi... dose long trips to conquer? No vimen on dose trips..." He winks.

The Greek laughs. He touches Guunnar tentatively, feeling the man's cock jump at the soft stroke. His hand boldly closes around hardening flesh and Guunnar moans. Dmitri steps closer, tightening his grip on the next upward pull. The Viking's eyes close. His hips thrust into the next downward stroke. Dmitri licks his lips. He watches Guunnar as the Viking arches into his touch.

"Zooo gut, ach ja..."

Dmitri leans forward, knees folding under him as he licks the now pearling tip. The Viking groans and Dmitri sucks the engorged head, sliding his tongue around Guunnar's hot flesh. He scrapes his teeth along the hardened shaft as he sucks hard, and Guunnar spasms. He explodes, thrusting hard to get as deep into the greek Rider's mouth as possible. Dmitri swallows as fast as he can, drinking down the giant.

"Es tut mir leid..."

Dmitri swallows once more and licks his lips. "Sorry? Why?"

"Ich kumme zo fast..."

The Greek laughs, rising to his feet. "Oh don't be sorry Guunn. Like you said. We have several hours, and several needs, to fill."

*I know. They have no gown to fit me.

~my friend

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