Saturday, October 17, 2015

The man near the window smiles sadly. Tara watches him out of the corner of her eyes, remembering Pike's warning about looking directly at Fae trying not to be seen. The man turns his head and looks directly at Tara. He winks and the girl and she giggles. The Nanny looks up from reading to Teri and Ru. Tara smiles sweetly and directs her sibs and cousins to the man that Nanny cannot see.

Gracie takes Mera's hand. Tears fill turquoise blue eyes, and she glances quickly at Nanny. When she realizes the woman is not looking, she gives the man a big smile. He bows to her, then to the others. Gracie's mind touches Mera's as her hand relaxes on her friend's.

Is he a friend?

Mera bites her lower lip and nods, sending back. She carefully forms her mental words. Being unable to speak mind to mind without the bridge of physical touch.

Aye. Auntie Star misses him. He helped save Tante Tori and Ryan.

Tomas nudges Ryan, then points and touches his fingers to the other boy's arm. Ryan's eyes widen. He moves his hand away, then touches Tomas again and waves at the man in the corner. The man signs quickly and Ryan nods.

Gracie's voice echoes in their minds. He asked if Ryan is happy. Ryan said yes.

The silent boy begins to sign, then frowns. He looks at the window then back at Tomas. Tara moves over and pushes the bottom of her bare foot against the bottom of Ryan's bare foot. He looks at the window, seeing his friend again, and quickly signs that Star is downstairs.

Before anyone can stop her, Tara is up and bolting out the nursery door. Nanny tells the others to stay put and chases after her, The little girl is already more than halfway down the stairs by the time Nanny catches up.

Tara screeches at the top of her lungs, stilling conversation in the room below.

"Maman! Tante Star! We gots a visitor"

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