Friday, October 16, 2015

Ramji and Dmitri are laughing as Guunnar leads the way through the main door to the Tavern. The big man clasps Jeb on the shoulder and bids him a jovial hello. bemused, the Werewolf grins and nods the trio through.

"Ve haft returned victorious! Let the party begin!"

Lunar Eclipse breaks into a rendition of Hail the Conquering Heroes. Guunnar swaggers to the center of the dance floor and  roars, "Monty! A roundt of trinks fur das haus!"

Monty grins and starts setting up drinks as Dmitri and Ramji get Guunnar to sit down at a table. One of the waitresses brings a mug of mead to Guunnar. The Viking pulls her into his lap for a kiss, before letting her slip away. Laughing she returns to her duties, serving the drinks Guunnar ordered.

Full of energy, Guunnar surges to his feet. He spies a table full of young women and calls to the band. "Play sumtink fur all to dance to!" He saunters to the table and bows to the girls. "Ladies, Vill you dance mit me?"

He leads the way to the dance floor, the girls following. Song over, he invites the girls to join him. The group heads back to his table and they pull another over to seat more people.

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