Friday, October 16, 2015

Tara suddenly stops in her play, sensing someone watching from the woods at the edge of the clearing. She glances ahead, Tomas was teasing Gracie with his high leaps, his wings outstretched and lifting Gracie off the ground when she grabbed his foot. Ryan stops and looks at Tara, worried at her stillness. Tara glances back at their house, knowing they were safe in the wards, but the uneasy feeling wouldnt go away.

Ryan signs quickly. Whats wrong?

“I dont know. Maybe its the blue ones papan warned us to stay away from. Tante Star says they watch from the woods...” Tara glances towards the trees, unable to see anything in the dense shadows.

Then we need to stay together... Ryan signs hurriedly.

Tara nods and as the pair approach the others, Tara starts to go pale. The energy she feels starts to make her feel ill and light headed. She can feel the rot and decay of Underdark and visions of bones, skulls crawling with maggots, spiders swimming in blood come to her mind. And the smell, the smell of death.. Tara completely loses her color and Tomas lowers and races to her just as she faints.

“Stay with her Ryan, I will get Maman..” and Tomas rises in the air and speeds to the cottage.

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