Friday, October 16, 2015

In the midst of gently kissing his wife, Stoney stops. He opens his mind to Alise as Tomas' thoughts stream ahead of his racing form. The parents run from the house in time to meet their son, as he breathlessly lands on the porch rail. The winged boy points at his sisters and Ryan, images of a collapsing Tara flooding their minds.

They are just in time to see a swarm of buzzing insects spread out along the tree line. Gracie stands behind them staring into the shadows. Something hovers at her ear. The little girl makes some noises and the bug zips away to join the others.

Ryan stands over Tara, small fists clenched and held before him in a boxer's stance. Several demifae hover above the children, watching in all directions. The click of a phone behind them is quickly followed by a dark cloaked form and HellHound stepping from nowhere. Laila hurries after Stoney and Alise as they rush to the trio.

Alise bends over their daughter, touching her mind. Stoney and Ramji watch the woods as the gargoyle helps his wife scan their child's thoughts. The golden haired woman shudders at the images they find. Stoney scoops the little girl up in his arms and carries her into the house, wife and children following. The insects move aside as the Hellhound sniffs for intruders. Ramji paces the Hound, after making sure the family group had made the safety of the porch. 

Stoney gently lays his daughter on the couch, kneeling beside the limp form. Alise lifts the phone and dials without thinking. Raina's voice is an instant comfort, even more so when she assures Alise she will be right over. 

Ramji joins Laila on the porch, he smiles when he sees the twin daggers in her hands. She holds them comfortably, proving his coaching has not been in vain. He smiles as she slips the blades into hidden sheathes.

"The miasma of decay is gone. The demifae and Hounds are beginning a search for clues as to what was nearby. Nothing but the wave of evil sensations crossed the wards." He kisses her cheek gently. 

"I am going to make a circuit of the grounds. Stay alert, *glykó arní mou. I will be back to you in no time."

As Ramji slips around the side of the house, Alise calls to Laila to watch for Raina. She was coming to see what she could make of Tara's visions and feelings.

*my sweet lamb.

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