Saturday, October 17, 2015

The buzz of tiny wings rushes over the clearing. Mouse sits up, wrinkling his nose. Nodding upward, the approaching demifae takes direction and angles to the roof. It hesitates until Wish flicks her eyes in its direction. When allowed to approach, it's voice is little more than a whine. Wish's face becomes somber and she rubs her hands together, energy crackling as it gathers with her anger.

Pike swings up on the roof from the porch. "Trouble at the Gargoyles'." he grins. "Little ones did good... reeeaal good."

She nods, still pulsing with anger. "The Lady is angry, upset as well. Her Warrior bristles." Mouse scuttles across the shingles and nudges her bare foot. She points her toes and the creature grasps the hem of her skirt and is soon hidden in the folds. Moments later he peaks out from the tangles adorning the Wyldfae's head.

Pike strokes nimble fingers along her cheek. "You wish you could have been there."

She smiles, a slow wicked curve of her lips. "Wish...? It is past... I will not change the past." She turns her head slowly to kiss the tips of his fingers. "You are proud of the boys."

Pike nods. She cups his face, sharing the magick in her hands. As it surges through his body, Pike moans softly. They lean into each other, lips touching briefly. The power flares, an intense wave that shakes the trees, but does not blind. Creatures peak from the surrounding woods, quickly disappearing back into cover. Pikes sighs and kisses her again, more deeply. He grins and rolls his shoulders when the kiss ends.

"*Rydych yn flin, fy melys." An intensity seeps into the laughing eyes. "Gadael iddynt ddod. Rwyf innau hefyd yn awchu am eu gwaed."

*You are angry, my sweet. Let them come. I too am hungry for their blood.

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